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Cognitive Development


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What Does Happiness Mean?

"that you are very happy."

E.D.- age 6
"Happiness means your happy and you want to jump with joy...'cause my mother she says that when she's happy, she jumps up for joy."
N.H.- age 8
"You don't feel angry or aggravated."
C.D.- age 10
"Happiness means when you feel really good and..umm..kind of like when you love somebody...your happy..and you feel really good inside."
M.G.- age 12


"A happy face."

E.D.- age 6

"'s someone really's because someone said something nice about them."

N.H.- age 8

"I see a face that is happy and enjoys the day that they had...they felt excited about what they did."

C.D.- age 10

"I see someone being happy because he got a new game or somebody complimented him."

M.G.- age 12


"A child and woman."
E.D.- age 6
"It's a child..a woman and her daughter...taking a picture. I can tell they love each other. They are smiling and playing together."
N.H.- age 8
"I see two girls...a woman and daughter that are having fun with each other. They love each other a lot..and always spend time with each other."
C.D.- age 10
"I see a mother and maybe her looks like they are holding something...they look really happy because they are having fun with the stick...or something..."
M.G.- age 12

Developmental Psychology PY241
TF: Dr.Cara Diyanni
Spring 2006
Vy Vy Vu