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Cognitive Development

Wrap Up
What Sparked My Interest
My Project
Food for Thought
On the Results
Piaget & My Project
Nature vs. Nurture
Put It Together
Coulda Shoulda Woulda
Wrap Up

Concluding Thoughts

      Cognitive development depends on a significant amount of variables; therefore, children's developmental growth should be given attention right at birth. Children's cognitive developmental growth can surpass the depicted stages in Piaget's theory, but only if they are exposed to engaging environments.
      I did not go into my project with any intention besides curiosity; as a result, it allowed me to look at child development from many perspectives. Trying to find support for my collection of answers was the most difficult. My hypothesis that older children would be able to think more abstractly and at higher levels was supported, but the younger children proved that they can break the rhelm of the "cognitive stages" stereotype due to environment. I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out my project.


Developmental Psychology PY241
TF: Dr.Cara Diyanni
Spring 2006
Vy Vy Vu