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Cognitive Development


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What Does Anger Mean?

E.D.- age 6
"Anger means when you're really mad...someone hurts your body."
N.H.- age 8
"It's when you feel like there is for much angerness...and you don't feel good."
C.D.- age 10
"It's the opposite of happiness and when you don't feel when you feel upset."
M.G.- age 12


"Mad face."
E.D.- age 6
"I see someone really really mad about something someone told on him. When someone would tell on me..i get really mad."
N.H.- age 8
"I see an angry face that does not feel very well."
C.D.- age 10
"I see somebody mad because..probably..someone hit him or knocked into him."
M.G.- age 12

"Someone screaming."
E.D.- age 6
"I see someone about to fight someone else. A group of girls fight someone else and thats really angry."
N.H.- age 8
"I see a they try have this fight against ti like in a school or something or place that they don't have any they don't get paid their usual amount for a job..and they are getting paid less..they are trying to put signs and say 'We want our usual check money back' "
C.D.- age 10
"I see somebody being looks like it is a riot..might be rioting about...maybe they are like college kids...they want they are going to start a riot."
M.G.- age 12
M.G.- age 12


Developmental Psychology PY241
TF: Dr.Cara Diyanni
Spring 2006
Vy Vy Vu