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Cognitive Development

Food for Thought

What Sparked My Interest
My Project
Food for Thought
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Nature vs. Nurture
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Wrap Up

A Few Extra..."What Do You See's"


"I see a painting."
E.D.- age 6
"I's like a's symmetrical..and it's walking."
N.H.- age 8
"I see two pets...two dog heads...walking from each other...and two dog trainers trying to get them at the same time."
C.D.- age 10
"A wig."
M.G.- age 12


E.D.- age 6
"I see a road that is coming from the beach...and there are two going and one coming."
N.H.- age 8
"The street looks lonely because nobody is driving on it. Must be like a deserted street..."
C.D.- age 10
"It shows a highway...kind of cloudy out ...looks like it's about to probably already did and it's going away."
M.G.- age 12


"Sky, house, bridge, sun, lake on house, ship, railing..and a person."
E.D.- age 6
"I see sunshine at the beach because i could tell it's at the has a big ocean and a bridge to walk on."
N.H.- age 8
"I can tell it's probably sunset...with the sun there...and people are probably going to sail back to where they got the ships to leave. There are people and watch sunset."
C.D.- age 10
"It looks like a dock..somewhere. And umm..I see some people at the end of it..looks like a family and boat...and a sunrise..."
M.G. age 12


"Sky...thunder and clouds."
E.D.- age 6
"I see that's lightening and it's really dark. And i can tell that people are scared in their houses."
N.H.- age 8
"They are like...probably and there lots of clounds...raining? maybe thunder? People are probably 'inside'...and can tell with blueness and darkness with clouds."
C.D.- age 10
"It looks like a big storm because lots of lightening around and bunch of clouds...dark clouds."
M.G.- age 12

Developmental Psychology PY241
TF: Dr.Cara Diyanni
Spring 2006
Vy Vy Vu